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Gaming Checklist

  • Kobolds. Someone for the PCs to fight that don't represent a serious challenge. Like street crime in Gotham City or kobolds in D&D.
  • Accessible. The game should not start off with either too many choices or too many NPCs.
  • Focused Setting. Probably overlaps with accessible, but certainly we need a strong setting that clearly defines the game we want to run.
  • PCs know each other. They don't need to precisely know each other, but they need to have some reason to come together before the damn game starts. Maybe they're all part of the same organization or royal household or court or something - but they need something that gives them an automatic reason to know of each others existence.


Inactive Games

Game Systems

Becky's Game Notes

  • Becky's Game Notes - There are some important things about the stories here. If you look, you're possibly ruining some surprises for yourself, which will make the game less fun.

Chris' Miscellany

Good Picture Sites

  • Bellazon - A good site for looking up both male and female models and actors. This is probably the best general site around for looking for avatars. It is updated almost continuously.
  • Out Now - A German movie site. If you type in a recent movie name where it says "Suchbegriff" and select the movie, and then click on the link "Bilder", you will be able to find high quality movie stills and photos from various films. It's a fairly new site and works best with new and hot releases.
  • Comic Art Community - We do a fair bit of comic book play, and this is a good place to start looking for comic book avatars by top comic artists.
  • Some Russian picture site, - Women and men. Browsing can be difficult, but they have a search bar at the top where you can type in their English language name and come up with hits. That'll take you to the person's page on the site, and there is a tab underneath. To go to the photos, click the tab that has a four letter word, the last three letters of which are "oto", hehe. You can also search for movies and pictures of them - the tab to click when you're on the pictures page is too Russian for me to describe, just click tabs until you find it.  ;) Indeed, further investigation of this site shows that the pictures you find when searching for an actor or actresses name do NOT include the photos from the movies they were in - so, none of Viggo Mortenson's Aragorn pictures were in the Viggo Mortensen picture set, I had to go to the individual LOTR movies to find them. Etc.
  • Comic Vine Site has lots of good images from comics, and also plenty of info on your favorite comic characters.
  • Pictures Becky edited that you can have! Note: Pictures I've edited (or just shrunk) are to be considered for "fair use" which means you can use them freely for RP and other non-commercial personal use, but you do not own them, so you cannot say someone else cannot use the same picture because you were using it first. The pictures are free and open to whomever wants to use them at any time. If you just create handles that use these pictures, don't think that constitutes "ownership" of these images!

Indian Actors and/or Actresses

  • Itsfilim -, which is a place with Bollywood actresses. Of course. More hot women. But at least these women generally have tans.
  • Pbase Talent - A site with models, male and female, largely of Indian origin, it appears.

Player Information

Getting started

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